Why is the membrane leading the trends of Car air fresheners

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Why is the membrane leading the trends of air fresheners?

    Air freshener filed is rather boring till the presence of membrane air freshener. It is not overstated if we say it causes a stir. This new technology, the breathing membrane, brings safety and convenience to daily life. 

Car air freshener

    Before membrane’s appearance, the traditional wick air freshener dominated the market, but there were lots of consumer claims happened, because the perfume is spilled or overflowed during use. Mostly it is caused by the wrong use, such as not keep the flask upright, not wipe the spillage in time, or keep the perfume in closed space at high temperature, but to keep the business going, air fresheners vendors suffer a lot loss too. 

    Thanks to the breathing membrane, it brings much more chances for vendors to win profits. Its advantage of safety drives away the leakage problem forever. Its convenience of use avoid some tedious process. 

Car air freshener

    But membrane air freshener is not easy to produce. 

    Vendors has to be cautious to choose manufacturers. Owning a machine does not mean that you can produce qualified membrane air fresheners. Perfume formula matters equally. If perfume formula is not right, the aroma can not be released through the membrane. Meanwhile, machine does not always produce perfect membrane. All need be tested to make sure that the membrane is sealed perfectly and will not melt under certain temperature.

    In brief, finding a professional manufacturer is the only right choice.

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