How to Examine the Quality of Car Air Fresheners

Date:2022-5-25 13:40:12 Read:9

How to Examine the Quality of Car Air Fresheners ?

In the world market, there are hundreds of brands of car air fresheners, and the prices varies much, so do the qualities.

As a dealer of car air fresheners, it is not professional and reasonable to choose air fresheners based on the packaging style or advertisement.

Then it becomes an immediate question, how to examine the quality of air fresheners, and how to know whether what you got worth what you have paid.

Personally, i think that the following three points are the key to consider.

Car Air Fresheners

First, look Car Air Freshener

This means looking at the texture of liquid or gel. 
Fine quality of liquid air fresheners, the perfume, even if it is colored, should look bright and clear, free of sediment.
For the gel air fresheners, water base gel looks firming without fluid. If you press it by finger, it leaves oil stains in the finger. Any gel with surface full of pores, not a wise choice..

Second, smell.
Smell and feel the aroma of Car Air Freshener. Fine quality of air freshener, its smell is pure and pleasant, never pungent. If you feel a strong breath of alcohol, do not put it in the shopping cart.

Third, duration of aroma Car Air Freshener

Fine quality of air freshener, aroma lasts much longer. Its aroma will filled into the air, and fades gradually, not disappear suddenly.
If the aroma feels strong at the beginning, but it disappears very soon, then still not a wise choice.

Of course, there are other aspects to consider, such as packaging, brands value etc.

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