How to use Car air freshener correctly Make your car smell good

Date:2022-3-11 13:54:42 Read:31

How to use Car air freshener correctly ,Make your car smell good

The function of air freshener is to remove peculiar smell and improve the air quality in the cab,
It depends on the size of your freshener volatilization mouth. The smaller one is slower, the scent is lighter, the bigger one is thicker, but the volatilization is faster. 
Before using this kind of refreshing agent, shake it well and then press it towards the top of the air. The fresh agent in the closed tank can be ejected under pressure and spray is formed in the air.

If Car air freshener are used in this way, the air smell of the car will be more natural and fragrant, and the smell will be better.

matters needing attention of car air freshener:

1) It is best to use natural volatile solid and liquid fresheners.

2) When spraying air freshener, it is best to wait a moment before entering the car.

3) Don't be greedy for cheap to choose inferior Car air freshener