How to Make Car Air Freshener Last Longer

Date:2022-12-7 11:39:15 Read:22

Car Air Freshener

Different types of car air freshener have different lasting times, from several days to weeks or even months. Everyone wants the car air freshener in their car to last long enough for the least of money .There are three ways that you can adopt- easily and as soon as you place the freshener in your car.

  • Limiting the temperature

Car Vent Air Freshener fragrances deplete more rapidly in high temperature. To extend their lifespan, do not leave the car to the direct sun for long hours and park your vehicle in shaded areas. If the park in s shade cannot be met, you can use a windshield sunshade.

Car Air Freshener

  • Using Control Features

Many designer or manufacturers add functionally in car air fresheners to limit the release or usage. Like twisting the lid to minimize the openings prevents the gel or liquid from getting used up too quickly. By turning the AC up or down, when you use the vent car air freshener.

  • Removing the Source of Odor

This require you to clean your car regularly, some of odors are easy to eliminate from source. Do not always depend on the car air freshener scent to remove odors. When using the spray type of freshener, for example, strong smells can require you to keep re-applying the freshener. You may also need to open can-style air fresheners to their maximum, which shortens their lifespan.