Top 10 air freshener brands over the world

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Top 10 air freshener brands over the world

No matter you are an air freshener dealer or an ordinary consumer, you will always curious how is the air freshener you have had. You wonder whether it is from a well-known brand, whether it is positively accepted, and whether it is from a qualified manufacturer, and etc.

To help you better evaluate what you have had, in the following, we will list the top 10 brands of car air fresheners over the world. The list is based on the informationcollected from internet and from the comments of some dealer of air fresheners. So it is just for reference.

No. 1, Little Tree--- The classic Christmas Tree design sweeps across the world and goes to every car. As the saying goes, if you do not know which air freshener to choose, pick a tree.

No. 2, California Scents--- Its representative is the organic can air freshener, special fabric block releasing aroma. It is California Scents that makes businessman realize car air freshener could be a cash cow.

No. 3, Glade---Its strength lies in the aerosol spray, but in car air freshener line, it stands out too. Its representative is one membrane air freshener, a simple design leading the fashion for years.

No. 4, Febreze --- It brings a revolution in car air freshener field. The new technology combines the advantages of the traditional membrane and paper air freshener, makes the release of aroma stronger and smoother. A true innovator.
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No. 5, Air Wick---It is famous for household fragrance diffuser, but one of its car vent air fresheners becomes a classic. 

No. 6, Armor All ---Like its name, it brings all kind of air fresheners for cars. 

No. 7, Areon --- Its paper air fresheners and little bottle ones are famous in Europe and Africa.

No. 8, TOPCAR --- Although TOPCAR is very famous brand in east Europe, Africa,  the Middle East and Asia, It is a brand much more famous for air freshener dealers than Car air freshener consumers. It includes a full line of air fresheners, like gel, paper, membrane, spray, 3D PVC air fresheners and etc. This makes TOPCAR provide excellent OEM/ODM service and helps a lot of famous brands win the market.

No. 9, Freshway --- It is a new brand. The design of bottle shape paper air freshener attract some attention.

No. 10, Arm&Hammer ---Air fresheners takes up some portion among its huge product lines; Its strength in air freshener field is that it always brings new designs.